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R6 Pastoral

A Place for Being You…

Individual in approach, exceptional in outcome.

Our vision is to ensure that all R6 students feel known, valued & supported so that they leave R6 fully equipped to face the challenges of modern day society having fulfilled their potential.

We consistently go ‘the extra mile’ to promote the personal development of students. The R6 praise and reward system of Ipoints encourages positive behaviours for learning and transferable life skills allowing students to achieve. High attendance is key and is positively promoted and celebrated. There is a high level of personalised support for all students, including alterations to timetables to accommodate student need. Vulnerable students have more frequent access to support mechanisms such as the Listening Service and school counsellor. Students can take advantage of a wellbeing room solely for R6 and there is a wellbeing enrichment choice available.

In addition, we will provide an excellent mentoring experience for all students which includes a mentoring programme that enables students to develop into rounded individuals prepared to face the challenges of life beyond Ridgeway; – clear programmes for Y12 and Y13, appropriate assemblies, ensuring both groups of students have the correct & timely attention.

Please apply to the Sixth Form by filling in the application form and posting or emailing directly to Mr M Pauling –

After you apply, you will be invited to an interview to talk about your subject choices and why you want to join The Ridgeway Sixth Form College.

Students are required to have at least grade 5 in 4 or more subjects. Students should additionally achieve the required entry grade for each subject they wish to study. All entries to courses are at the discretion of the R6 Leaders.

The table below explains how many grades you need in order to take varying amounts of subjects. We recommend students choose 3 ‘A’ Levels or equivalent (or 4 if including Further Maths). This course of study may then be enhanced by either the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or Core Maths Qualification.

RequirementTo StudyCan Lead To
6+ grades 5-9 at GCSE3 A levels/BTEC equivalent at the end of Year 13 and EPQUniversity (including Oxbridge & Russell Group) or employment
4+ grades 5-9 at GCSE (or equivalent) 3 A levels/BTEC and EPQ or Core Maths University or Apprenticeship

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