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16-19 Programme of Study at The Ridgeway Sixth Form College (R6)

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền namAll students follow a programme of study which combines both qualifications and other activities and which is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and career goals.

Students who do not hold a GCSE grade 4 in maths and/or English are required to continue these subjects as part of their study programme.
All students follow study programmes which include some work experience and non-qualification activities, and which complement the other elements of the programme and support them to progress to further or higher education or to employment.

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền namTo improve the life chances of students. R6 requires the majority of students to follow a level 3 mathematics qualification that provides them with the quantitative skills now needed in a wide range of jobs.

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền namAll students are encouraged to make positive choices from a variety of opportunities and enrichment activities within R6 and in the lower school including the very popular D of E scheme and Camps International expeditions, which offer excellent opportunities for integration and transition between KS4 and KS5. These first-hand experiences develop curiosity and a desire to challenge their understanding and deepen learning. The enrichment activities also take account student needs and career plans, as well as preparation for adult life more generally.

How to Choose Your A-levels

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền namThere are six things to consider when choosing which subjects to study in R6:

  1. Some degree subjects ask for specific A-levels. This is because they cover the basic knowledge and skills you will need later on.
  2. Certain A-levels can keep your options open for the future. These are known as facilitating subjects and include maths, further maths, biology, chemistry, physics, English literature, modern languages, geography, and history. If you have absolutely no idea what you might like to study at university in the future, or what career you might wish to pursue, it might be worth having 1 or 2 of these A-levels.
  3. Subjects are a lot tougher at A-level than at GCSE, so you need to be sure what you are taking on. If you are only ‘ok’ at a subject at GCSE, you need to ask yourself if you will be able to keep it up at A-level.
  4. Some universities prefer certain A-levels over others, so you need to check this out. This is because they feel that certain A-levels prepare you better than others for certain degree subjects.
  5. You need to get your facts straight. If in doubt, always check with a university or apprenticeship provider. Call them or check on their websites.
  6. Choose subjects that you will enjoy. Business, law, politics, and psychology are just a few of the subjects at university that do not require you to study particular A-levels.

Subject Leaders

Fine ArtMrs A Fair
BTEC L3 Extended Certificate in Performing ArtsMrs S
DramaMrs S
MusicMrs R
TextilesMrs P
Food Science and NutritionMrs K
Graphics Mr S Millard

Graphic Communication
Mr S Millard
Mr S Millard
Product Design Mrs P Lane

English LanguageMrs F Williams

English Language and LiteratureMrs F Williams

Business StudiesMr J
Children's Learning and Development
Mrs K Gray
EconomicsMr J
GeographyMiss A
HistoryMr J
LawMr A
Philosophy and Ethics (RS)Mrs H Clapton

PoliticsMiss H
PsychologyMrs R
L3 Applied Diploma in TourismMiss A
SociologyMr M
MathematicsMr L Carney
Core MathematicsMr L Carney
Further MathematicsMr L Carney
Computer Science
Mr G Mitchell
BTEC L3 Extended Certificate in IT
Mr G Mitchell
FrenchMiss I
GermanMr J
SpanishMr J Roberton

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in SportMrs R Brennan
BTEC L3 extended Certificate in Sport Mrs R Brennan
BTEC L3 extended Diploma in Sport Mrs R Brennan
PEMr M McMeeking
BiologyMrs L
ChemistryMrs C
BTEC L3 Extended Certificate in Applied ScienceMr L Gregory

BTEC L3 National Diploma in Applied ScienceMr L Gregory

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền

PhysicsMr P
Debating and Activism Miss H Buttery
Well Being Mrs A Midson
HSLA (Higher Sports Leadership Award)Mr M
Extended ProjectMr M Webber

Duke of EdinburghMr P Kench & Mr L
Maths & English GCSE UpgradeMr N Cairns / Mrs C
Language for BusinessMr J
Gold Arts AwardMrs P

Key Documents

Xổ số miền bắc xổ số miền namSixth Form Admissions

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